Have you ever used the Frixion pen and would you consider it safe to use on any fabric that will take the heat?

I know we will have to test a sample of it but it seems to go against the grain to heat to remove, after all we use heat to set the Microtex pens!


Bear in mind that these pens were not originally designed for use by quilters – we have adopted them!

I have not used these pens at all but Jennie has and mentions them in one of our videos;  her word of caution is that they are re-activated by the cold – this could be through the postal service or through air conditioning.

My personal view is that if I can, I  avoid marking the quilt with anything;  if I do need to mark it then I use something designed for quilters by quilters  and ALWAYS do a test piece.

Update: August 2015:

Here is a link that gives you much more information on the subject:…/frixion-pens-all-you-need-to-know/