This month’s giveaway is a Knitting Stitch Marker Set by Charmed Knitting from Craft Queen. It is a themed set of 5 knitting stitch markers on a 7cm silver tone pin with five 10mm slip-on attachments.

The slip-on style attachments are suitable for 4 to 8 gauge needles and for all yarns, particularly double knit (DK) or Aran. Presented on 7cm pin. All items are metal alloys.

The charms can also be used in craft projects. For example as a decorative clip on to a bag, on a bracelet or phone, or as jewellery.

To enter the competition just send an email entitled STITCH MARKER to 

The competition closes 30th June 2021.

The Craft Queen – Knitting Stitch Marker Set by Charmed Knitting is also available in the Shop, if you want to treat yourself or a friend to this delightful gift