have been trying to find some instructions for a very old ‘Sew Easy’ Curve and Square ruler.  They still seem to be available on line, but I cannot find the instructions anywhere.  My originals were on the back of the packet and this got thrown away.


Sew Easy range is distributed by Groves in the UK. There is a helpline number for local stockists etc that you can contact: 01453 883581, or e:

They do have two curve rulers in the range:

Curve Ruler NL4196 which is size 13 7/8 x 7 3/8”  – it has a curved edge to the left and a straight edge to the right, includes metric and imperial measurements and detailed instructions and illustrations for use.

The French Curve – NL4198 (imperial) NL4199 (metric) is even longer, with a curved top and straight edge down most of right edge, but without the acute right angle of the Curve Ruler. This is the one used by dressmakers to re curve necklines, armholes sleeves, hipline, waistline and hemlines. It also includes a grading grid for sizing adjustments and seam allowances. Again it comes with detailed instructions.

Then there is the Dressmakers Square, NL4197 – this has a right angle along left and top edge and then the inner area is curved – again for dressmaking, adding seam allowances and curves etc.