Navajo Blanket Quilt – Final part with Anne Baxter (workshop notes)

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Navajo Blanket Quilt – Final part with Anne Baxter (workshop notes)

Putting it all together


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Putting it all together

Anne takes you through this final stage where all those borders and bands come together – but you don’t have to be a slave to her design.  Depending on your own use of colour, this is an opportunity to even out the colours in your quilt.

She suggests you think about the dividing bands – and shows you how she added a flash of colour through necessity as her strips/pieces of fabric just weren’t long enough!

However, do remember that key measurement – that’s the length you need to make all the bands to.

Anne also suggests that once you have made your decisions you should sew the bands to one side of the quilt until you’ve completed that, and then move on to the other side.

Bear in mind too that this will now have quite a weight to it when adding the strips, so take care that the weight of the quilt doesn’t drag it away from your band  i.e. pin well

Once you have the top made you then need to  layer and quilt; Anne suggests that the beauty of the quilt is in the fabrics, so she has done some very simple, utility quilting, using the walking foot to quilt in the ditch,  to hold the layers together.  If quilting isn’t your thing, then she suggests that less is best!

Want help with the walking foot – click here for some great information from Wendy Gardiner on how to fit it.


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