Zig Zag Table Runner with Anne Baxter

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Zig Zag Table Runner with Anne Baxter

This popular pattern has been created very cleverly by Anne Baxter without using triangles!


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Instead of triangles to  create this zig-zag pattern, Anne has, with clever colour manipulation, created it from rectangular blocks, and simple strip piecing.

She has used 6 Fat 1/4’s as her starting point, and indeed the workshop notes support that. BUT if you are an accomplished patchworker, with lots of scraps and you understand about colour placement and light/medium and dark you can create this from your stash! Anne has made for herself, a large quilt called the Navajo Blanket Quilt. You can see the workshops here

Anne does suggest that you label your fabrics and follow her instructions religiously!! The blocks are set on point.  Once you have them all in their order, the sewing sequence is very straightforward. Anne has suggestions about pressing the seams. She also mentions that she didn’t add wadding as this is just a table runner.

You can purchase the pattern from our Shop.

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