What do you do if the quilt becomes too big to manage?

Well quilt as you go is an option – and both Valerie and Carolyn Forster have methods you might like to try:   Valerie uses the machine and Carolyn works by hand:

Here is the comment from Heather –

I have also just re-watched your video on how to join a quilt as you go project using the machine instead of hand sewing.  What a revelation!  I had tried to figure out a way to do this myself and was not at all satisfied with the result and had felt that I would not be able to handle a big quilt again physically.  Now, again I can use this method and make any size!

Thank you so much for sharing this so concisely, with easy to follow instructions and suggestions.

You ladies make all things possible again! Thank you.


The videos you might like to watch are:

Crazy Patchwork with Valerie Nesbitt


Quilting on the Go with Carolyn Forster