Gail is an accomplished pattern designer and teacher. She loves to make three dimensional items as well as cushions, quilts and wallhangings. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys spending most of her time writing patterns and thinking up new and quirky ideas and how to make them. She is inspired by the things around her and is often inspired when she sees a fabric and wants to make something from it. She loves the challenge of making 3D items as she can push herself to the limit on how to make it with fabric, her hedgepigs are a great example of this. Lucky she has a background in engineering then!

Signature Technique:

Quick, achievable 3D objects including owls, hedgepigs, and toadstool doorstops

Gail’s Top Tips:

– Include surprising details to increase the level of interest and intrigue
– Little in-between projects are a joy to work on and make great gifts