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Raggy Edge quilts with Gail Penberthy

This style of quilt is extremely tactile and Gail Penberthy  shows Valerie a variety of styles and patterns that she has designed and which you too can make.


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These quilts are very tactile. They use quite a deep seam allowance which gets cut into. This means you don’t have to worry about being overly accurate with the sewing. Working in fleece, it also means that the edges don’t fray

Gail loves to use this fleece for the applique motives as well because it’s simple and easy.

Gail talks us through the applique methods that can be used. She works on each little square at a time. This makes it really easy and portable too. You could also think about  personalizing the quilt by adding their name

Once you’ve made all the front little pieces, then the backing is a single piece. You can avoid having wadding in there too if you wish.

However, you could also make these in more traditional cotton patchwork fabrics , which would require a small amount of wadding added to the squares; a great way to use up those wadding scraps.

Gail also likes to incorporate more 3D items on her applique – such as the flowers and their petals, and embellishes heavily with buttons .

If you are interested in any of the specific patterns – here are the quick links through:

The Farm Yard
Dolly Mixture 
Woodland Friends 
Away with the Fairies

Lots more of her patterns are available here in the shop – just use the quick link Gail Penberthy to find them.

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