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Mini Mosaics – can you buy the grid separately?

I just thought I would let you know that Paula now has this in packets to sell at £5 plus p&p and is on our site in the shop now: Mini Mosaics Grid Pack
the grid is for 1" giving ½” finished and 1 ½” giving 1" finished   If you are interested in seeing the video on Mini Mosaics with Paula Doyle click here

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Mini Mosaics is a winner for Lyn

Hi Valerie...must share my good news....
after watching your fabulous videos & picking up so much knowledge especially the mini mosaics with Paula...I entered the NFWI Makower Quilt Challenge  'Summer Days' & have won 1st prize......       The theme this year is 'Summer Days'...we had to design &  use 50 % of certain Makower fabrics ( I used 100% as I didn't want to bring any more colours in).I played with the lyrics to Gershwins Summertime to suit quilters!

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