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Mini Mosaics with Paula Doyle

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Paula loves to share and this is a really clever technique (even if you don’t like minatures)


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Paula and her husband made this workshop video themselves and they have kindly agreed to share it with us and therefore with you.

30 minutes workshop

In this workshop Paula shows us her great new idea for making mini-mosaic projects. Mini is the operative word, but accuracy is achievable with this great technique.  Nearly 30 mins of workshop to enjoy.

Check out the various patterns that are now available in the shop too: Quick Links “Miniature”

Paula on Paula

I am a quilter. I make quilts, design and write patterns for quilts, teach classes on various aspects of quilting, give talks about quilting, and when I’m not doing any of those things I’m probably dreaming about quilts! My classes and talks are done on a “for hire” basis, usually to groups or under contract to a quilt shop.

I guess I would describe my style as that I like to take something which looks intricate and find the easy way of doing it, and I just love showing people how! find out more at

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