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Artisan Apron by Janet Clare


Wear your creativity ! (and make people realise that you are busy working!!!)


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Supplier Janet Clare
Delivery UK £2.00
Delivery Europe £4.50
Delivery Rest of world £4.50


Wear your creativity ! (and make people realise that you are busy working!!!)

This delightful apron is versatile and has a flattering style with a curved and crossover shape (so that when you’re sewing you don’t get covered in threads); great pockets to hide things in; space to design in; comfortable to wear and is multi-sized.

The pattern sheet is graded with seven sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.

Easy to make and you can then embellish the finished project to your hearts content – and continue to add memories as time goes by.

What Janet has to say about her apron:

I have two small (ish) boys and work from home in a little studio just off the kitchen and most days I found myself getting distracted by all the chores and housework and not really getting much work done. After much thinking I realised that if I had a work uniform I would feel and look like I was at work. So I designed and made my Artisan Apron and it is so lovely and pale and clean and embroidered and special that I don’t clean the house or brush the dog instead of working because I don’t want to spoil my pinny!As time has gone on I’ve added embroidered sayings and motto’s such as ‘she believed she could and so she did’ and badges and bits of lace and buttons and now when I put on my apron in the morning I feel creative and inspired and ready for work. And when I take it off I feel ‘off duty’ and that is a simply marvellous feeling for a full time Mummy who happens to work at home.My Artisan Apron is inspired by a vintage pinny and has curved seams, pockets and a cross over back. It is loose and comfortable to wear and not that tricky to make either.

and you can Meet Janet in this free video when she chats to Valerie about this as an on-going project- click here.


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