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Bamboozle crochet scarf with Jane Czaja

This delightful scarf designed by Jane Czaja is made with Bamboozle yarn and half treble crochet stitches, which are crocheted unusually along the length of the project.

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Jane feels this is a great beginner project as well as being enjoyable for those who are more familiar with crochet.

She works the scarf with a #6 hook and talks you through the various stages of creating this lovely scarf in Bamboozle yarn. Jane also gives you the option to work the scarf in trebles as well as half-trebles, which she prefers as she feels it gives the scarf a tighter look (and feel).

She has a very helpful tip on how to control your tension when working, as well as remembering to count the rows. You might find that a stitch marker might come in handy too since there are approx. 200 stitches.

At the end of the workshop Jane shows you how easy it is to make tassels using her little pink book.

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