TASTER: Terial Magic Spray with Issy Saulet

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TASTER: Terial Magic Spray with Issy Saulet

This liquid transforms fabric into a flat paper-like sheet which can then be used on your projects.

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Terial Magic – Fabric’s little helper!

Isa Saulet loves this product which she feels has so far been ignored by the quilting public – so here’s your chance to learn more about it. Isa gives tips on how and why she best likes to use it for her applique. We will be learning more about her London Calling quilt shortly.

Terial Magic replaces more traditional stablizers, such as stitch and tear, but rinses out so that your fabric becomes soft again.

Here is some more information on the product:

For machine embroidery – treated fabric can be placed in the hoop without any additional traditional stablizer or fusible web.

Paula Doyle used this product in her Thread Painting video, which you can enjoy by clicking here.

Electronic Cutters – treated fabric can be placed on the mat and run through the cutter just as you would paper.

Ink Jet Printers – treated fabric can be run through your printer. After it use hot iron, which will set most printer inks (but test to be sure).

T-Shirt Quilting – treated fabric is very stable and will not stretch so you can easily rotary cut your pieces and this would apply to other knitted style fabrics.

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