TASTER: Inner City with Valerie Nesbitt

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TASTER: Inner City with Valerie Nesbitt

A slightly different use of the hexagon shape to create this 3D illusion.


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Hexagons can be rotary cut

Hexagons are a traditional favourite and are enjoying a revival. In this workshop Valerie shows you how to rotary cut this shape with the help of a special template, plus how to applique the shapes onto the cushion.

You can piece by hand

While you can work this pattern by hand in the traditional way with papers you will need to prepare the strips with the help of a sewing machine, just remember that you need three tones of colour: light, medium and dark.

Avoid the birds nest on the back

If you are using the satin stitch or another applique stitch and want help with pulling the thread up through your work you can click here.

Featured in this video

In this video is presented rotary cutting. To find more information about this technique click here.

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