New Video Trailer 20 October – 2 November 2017

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New Video Trailer 20 October – 2 November 2017

Video trailer about workshops, which were published from 20 October to 2 November 2017.

Skill Level


Valerie Nesbitt met Craig Joubert – a man with a passion for marbling. And they found out how easy it is to create original designs on almost any surface. It really is Marbling 4 Fun. You can find this video on our website, just click here.

On the same day we got a workshop from expert quilter and teacher Paula Doyle. So, she explained the importance of binding your quilt well. In this video she showed us several continuous binding techniques that will complete your quilt with style and professionalism. This video is also available on our website by clicking here.

On Friday 27th October 2017, we had a timely new workshop on knitting a remembrance poppy designed by expert knitter Rosee Woodland, who took us through the stages step by step. To open this video just click here. Also we returned to the studio with Craig Joubert for workshop on the basics of marbling. You can find this workshop by clicking here. Craig showed just how easy it is to get started on marbling and how to create these wonderful effects almost instantly on various surfaces. As the ink is perfectly safe, it’s suitable for all age-groups.

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