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How to Marble with Craig Joubert

Craig show you how easy it is to to marble on a wide variety of surfaces, and textiles


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In this very comprehensive workshop Craig shows you how easy it is to marble which can be applied to most surfaces – from fabric, to tiles,leather, wood, cork, paper and cotton canvas.

He starts off by explaining what comes in the starter kit; the paint is non-messy, fast and permanent and is non-toxic so brilliant to be used with children – ages 3 upwards.  You will see that the ink just floats on top of the pre-treated water ready to be transferred onto the host project.

If you are planning to marble fabric, then this needs to be pre-treated , but the special mordant is included in the starter pack, as is the special stuff that needs to be added to the water – do not use tapwater though.

There is a Starter book – Introduction to Marbling 4 Fun, which contains 23 different designs to work with and Craig shows you how these designs are transferred onto a small 3D object like a canvas frame; some pegs or door stops,  but also how the ink is transferred instantly to paper – for cardmaking (suggests 160gsm)- so maybe Christmas cards? – and for added value for money you also get a the opportunity of using a ghost print.

In the second book – Crafting with Marbling 4 Fun, – there are 28 different projects, which include fabric use, jewellrr and book binding; and we end up with Craig demonstrating how to create the Spanish Moiree design – again on paper.

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