TASTER: Windmill Design with Valerie Nesbitt

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TASTER: Windmill Design with Valerie Nesbitt

Valerie created this quilt using thangles, but you could use method of half square triangles.


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In this workshop Valerie shows how simple and easy half-square triangles can be when you use the one-strip cutting idea from thangles. They work perfectly with jelly rolls and all those other 2 1/2″ strip roll precuts, and you could even adapt the 5″ squares but certainly the 10″ layer cakes can be cut down into strips that would work perfectly for this.

This design would convert very easily into a multicolour scrap quilt, and you could set the blocks simply with standard sashing and cornerstones.

Valerie also suggests checking on what foot you like to use on the machine. It’s easier with something that has an open toe, worth considering.

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