New V ideo Trailer 5 – 18 Augut 2016

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New V ideo Trailer 5 – 18 Augut 2016

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Videos were available from 5 August. On Friday, 4th August, we had two free-to-view videos for all members and subscribers. We met the fabulous Janet Clare. She told us about her Wordsmith book and the inspiration for her beautiful memory quilt. Multi-talented Paula Doyle showed us a straightforward but ingenious technique for marking out your quilt border using nothing more than a few ordinary coins.

Then on Friday, August 11th, we got to see a genuinely extraordinary quilt as its creator, Gail Penberthy of Endless Threads, showed us her “Unlikely Machine,” complete with engineering, mice, and cheese. We also reached part nine of Jennie Rayment’s Stripy, Stripey, Story Quilt. Also, a wobbly walked through the municipal gardens following a drunkard’s path.

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