Municipal Gardens Row of Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

///Municipal Gardens Row of Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

Municipal Gardens Row of Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

This is row 9 and uses the Drunkard’s Path patch to great effect and Jennie shows you how to adapt the basic pattern too.

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Jennie gets to create the gardens and path for this row.   She takes the basic and classic Drunkard’s path pattern – which could also be used as a clamshell – and shows you how easy it is to sew – just 5 pins to hold the curved shape into place.

The acrylic rotary cutting template keeps your fingers safe and of course includes seam allowance.  As it’s completely see-through you might think too about fussy  cutting your fabric if you are using a floral that is.

If you are making the quilt you will need 6 units; BUT Jennie thought this was all too simple, so shows you how to create the pieced look – and you will see just how easy it is – might even get you thinking about striip piecing those units for another project!  However do remember that this sewing and trimming back is only possible because it is machinesewn – not hand pieced.

Have you noticed that there are no flowers yet? – dont worry we’ll come back to those later.


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