The Wordsmith – a Book by Janet Clare

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The Wordsmith – a Book by Janet Clare

Janet doesn’t keep a diary – instead she stitches her memories and this book explains how.


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Stitched memories in alphabetical order to create a very personal quilt and you could too. Janet shares with us the stories behind her quilt – so this is a deightful book in it’s own right to just enjoy reading – and then she gives templates for her blocks as well as the alphabet so that you can create your own heirloom quilt.

As always (it seems) her boys, Henry and Joe, are involved too

Here’s what Janet has to say about the book:

One day I realised that I could simply stitch our stories and here we are. ‘The Wordsmith’ is about noticing and cherishing the simple things in life. It’s about love letters, little notes and finding pressed flowers in favourite books. Now’s the time to quieten your mind, gather your memories and slowly piece them together with beautiful fabrics to create a lasting cloth to be treasured by generations to come: a quilted memory to cherish.

So come, gather your letters and your threads and be a wordsmith with me.

And Valerie loved it too – she even wrote a short blog! To read it you can click here.

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