Question from Laura:

i signed up as a member to watch the rest of your video on rag quilting – there was a teaser on youtube.  I would like to watch that video but cannot find it on your site.  In any case, I’ve made them before out of flannel, I prefer working with cottons and my question is really, can one make rag quilts out of good quality cottons?  I do not like the quilting process with my machine and have vowed never to make another large quilt….too many variables for someone with no time to quilt!!  The idea of rag quilts with nice cottons is interesting……will it rag up?  does it matter?  Are there any other ideas I should attempt using this concept??
Thanks, ex pat living in Canada!


Answer from Val:

Despite having the search and the quick links it is still possible that videos ‘hide’ fro you;  here is the link

there is also a video entitled Cupcake quilt in which I didn’t do as much snipping (!) but still enabled me to use up the wadding scraps (and spot the deliberate mistake!!!)

You can make rag edge quilts from cottons and they fray quite nicely but I would make the seam allowance bigger so that you get a good effect – and indeed I have used batiks too.