City Lights 3D English Paper Piecing patchwork with Nancy Adamek

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City Lights 3D English Paper Piecing patchwork with Nancy Adamek

Also known as Inner City, this 3D patchwork is effective and easy to create in English Paper Piecing with Nancy Adamek


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The Inner City block is created by having light/medium and dark tonal values in your fabrics. And they don’t have to be plain to do this.  Nancy guides you through how to make this 3D block using half-hexagons and English Paper Piecing.

Nancy has some great tips on how to cut these shapes from strips of fabric; how to cover the paper pieces and reminds you that you need to have tails – do not cut them off!

Once you have made enough units you need to simply applique them to a background, whether it’s a cushion or a quilt.  Again Nancy shows you how to do this. She suggests that you might like to remove some of the papers from the centre of the work, so that the project is easier to handle but do not remove the ones on the edge as you need these to help you in this final stage.

Once appliqued on, you can turn the work over and carefully remove the backing fabric from behind the project, leaving a 1/4inch (approx) seam allowance;  this helps remove the bulk of your work, is quite safe and won’t weaken your project AND you get another piece of fabric to add back into your stash.


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