Tudor Rose Table Runner – Part 3 Finishing your project with Nancy Adamek

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Tudor Rose Table Runner – Part 3 Finishing your project with Nancy Adamek

We are in the final stages of making this English Paper pieced table runner with Nancy Adamek and here she shares with us how to add the remaining two shapes needed and the applique that is also needed.


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In this section you get to add 45 degree diamonds that join the blocks together. You’ll also some kites that join the blocks and then you need to applique the whole table runner onto the background fabric. Nothing is wasted though as Nancy has a great tip to claim the fabric back.

Nancy reminds us that she likes to cut the diamond shapes from strips of fabric as it’s so much quicker and easier. Indeed if you have any strips left you can re cut them and use them for the kite shapes.

Remember that you will need 8 diamonds to surround the first block.  Then as the blocks nestle together, the others only need 7. BUT take care that you have the colours of your stars in the right place before it’s too late.

When you get to the applique, you need to pin well and use a ladder stitch or blind stitch to secure the work. If you think that all that fabric behind your English paper pieced section is wasted, fear not. Nancy reminds us that it is permitted to remove this. You just have to do it with care and a generous seam allowance. (Indeed before fused applique came into our lives, this is what all good patchworkers did!). This way you can reclaim the fabric and add it back into your stash.

That just leaves, the three traditional little words – layer, quilt and bind – and your project is done.

We hope you have enjoyed making this project with us all – and do share with pictures  – we love to see.

and if you feel inspired to give this a go, it’s not too late as the kit is available through the shop

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