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9 Supercool quilty things on the internet

Hi Val, Congratulations!! You are listed as #4 Super Cool Quilty Things on the Internet by Martingale.  Well done!!! Izzy 4. 40-Minute Scrap Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt   This is a great little twist on the 1600 Jelly Roll quilt that is so popular right now—except that you don’t need to use a Jelly Roll! Just use 2½" strips that you’ve cut from your own scraps.

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Is backstitching necessary for strip piecing?

Question from Youtube

Still a little new to quilting and enjoy it already! One thing I noticed is that you didn't back stitch when starting to join a new row. Is it necessary? Thanks, I know this is probably a simple question.   Answer Nope the backwards and forwards and fixing stuff isn't necesary as you will be sewing across at rightangles at some future point (and at the time of sewing you don't know where you will be cutting).  Make sure the stitch length isn't too long though - 2.2 or 2.4 is perfect for strip piecing (and piecing in general).

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40 Minute Scrap Quilt

Here is what one viewer who found it on Youtube said:   I LOVE this video. I wish everybody made quilting videos this way. thank you SO much for posting this video   Have you seen it yet?  click here   and here is mine finally quilted (and given as a gift!)  

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Bargello from Jo Webb

I have attached a picture of the quilt I made for my final quilt when I did City & Guilds with Jenny Last at Windsor. I did enter it in the National Patchwork Championships in 2000 (the year I completed the course). It was also the year it was held at Olympia and I got an award of merit for it.

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