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Tucked Up Band with Jennie Rayment

Another great twiddled and fiddled idea from Jennie that can have a wide range of applications.


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This idea for a textured strip comes from the Victorian era when they used it to fold ribbon. You can of course still do this today.

The textured strip can be used for a wide range of embellishments from a choker, to Home Dec ideas like trimming a lampshade. You can also use it for dress straps or add texture to a bodice or a border of a quilt.

Like all good ideas, it’s simple to make.

If you enjoy twiddling and fiddling, then click here to find more of Jennie’s tips and technique throughout the site and check out her books and DVD too.

Jennie also talks about the new marking Friction pens together with a word of warning, which you can find by clicking here.

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