Hilary is an award winning textile artist and quilter who works with a wide range of textiles and mixed media.

Hilary loves to design and make her own materials using fabric, paper and paint. Then she uses these together with commercial materials to produce quilts and collages that reflect the beauty she sees in the world around her.

Her passions are colour, form and imagery and she wants to share her experience of these elements: vivid and graphic. She sees a beautiful world, despite its ugly aspects, and is driven to depict this vision as she thinks it’s life affirming, healing, and important. She says “we are all artists, lacking only in the confidence to utilise this gift.” Hilary feels we should all allow ourselves ‘play time’ as well as give ourselves permission to be ‘messy and creative’ !!!!

Signature Technique:

Using hand-painted and commercial fabrics which are then stitched into collage.

Top Tips:

– Use a low-sheen adhesive to bond everything down
– Don’t let rules dictate what you try, be creative
– Make it personal