The Hope Quilters’ Exhibition – Part 2

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The Hope Quilters’ Exhibition – Part 2

More lovely inspiration under the guidance of Sylvia Critcher.

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Quilts Galore

What an amazing amount of work Sylvia has managed to get her girls to do! In this section, we get to enjoy quilts using the Stack-the-Deck style of slash-and-sew. This video reminds us that a color flange works wonders as well as there are lots of great ideas for leftover scraps. So, we get to see more of the results of Kim Shaw’s day school on archways.

Quilting Holiday in Spain

If you would like to join Sylvia in Valencia you also can find out more at

Charity Work

Prostate Cancer was chosen charity for the event. Sylvia and her team redirected “Seeing dogs for the Blind” “Hearing Dogs for the Deaf” and “The Prison Baby Quilts” to St.George’s Hospital, Surrey where they were gratefully received.

HQ Sweet Sixteen Quilting Machine

If you want to learn more about the Sweet Sixteen home quilting machine then you should go to the Cotton Patch website:

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