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Textured books with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

Kathleen Laurel Sage shows us how to make great covers for our books from those luscious scraps of organza and threads.


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Kathleen loves to use organza and in this delightful workshop we get to use up lots of small scraps that might overwise get overlooked.

Kathleen also shows us how to set up the machine; which foot is best; things to think about such as using up threads to add additional colour and how to use a textile soldering iron safely and to good effect.

PLUS there are suggestions for even the offcuts from making your book – suggestions are card embellishments; bookmarks; hinges for your book. Nothing is wasted!

She also add some no-sew floral decorations.

To learn more about this textile Artist you can click here

and to enjoy her workshop on Floral Cutwork, click here

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