Floral Cutwork from Kathleen Laurel-Sage

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Floral Cutwork from Kathleen Laurel-Sage

Kathleen Laurel-Sage shares with you her love of machine cutwork embroidery which she used to create her signature piece of work.


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In this very comprehensive workshop Kathleen shares with you how to create cutwork using your sewing machine skills.  Kathleen loves to work with scraps of organza and water soluble fabric.

She talks you through marking the design, the fabric placement of all those little scraps of organza. She has a great tip on how to avoid reversing the design that you have so carefully marked (!), making the quilting sandwich, thread selection, how to set the sewing machine, cutting and soldering.

We have several of Kathleen’s machine embroidery kits available in our Shop, including the 2 featured in this workshop.:
Daisies and Blue Cornflower (Free UK P&P in July 2021)
Pink Rose (Free UK P&P in July 2021)

You can learn more about Kathleen in the Interview we did with her by clicking here.

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