TASTER: Sew Simple Attic Windows with Karin Hellaby

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TASTER: Sew Simple Attic Windows with Karin Hellaby

Karin shares several ingenious simple ways of creating this traditional block.

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This is just one of a series of Sew Simple books that Karin has produced and her diagrams and text and really easy to follow.

You can buy Karin Hellaby’s book, Sew Simple Attic Windows, in our online shop.


About Karin Hellaby

Karin Hellaby was born in the north-east of England of Norwegian parents. She studied for a Home Economics degree in Education from the University of Wales. She now lives in Suffolk, UK and is the owner of one of the UK’s leading quilt shops – Quilters Haven. In 1998 Karin won the Michael Kile Award, International Retailer of the year, awarded by the Houston Quilt Market/Festival organisers.

Karin loves travelling, and has enjoyed teaching at the International quilt markets and festivals in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates. In 2006, 2007 and 2010, Karin was invited to teach at the largest outdoor quilt show in the world, an annual event in Sister’s, Oregon. Where, one year, she had a solo display of her quilts.

In 2005, Karin was approached by a specialist holiday company, Arena Travel, to advise on quilting holidays (see their advert in the Small Ads section). This teaching venture has taken her on river cruises down the Rhine and Seine as well as beautiful venues in France, Tuscany and Spain.

Her first four wonderful resource books bring quilt making into the 21st century offering students multi- techniques within new designs. Karin’s workshops illustrate her philosophy well – several types of patchwork taught and sewn in one class and then stitched into an original pattern design, very achievable and lots of fun!

Recently, Karin has been working on a Sew Simple series of books which concentrate on one technique. So far the series has covered: Logs, Pineapple and Attic Windows. Her simple Pineapple technique astounded both shop owners and students alike! Karin is working on the next book in the Sew Simple series which further develops her unique technique.

Karin feels her greatest achievement is to bring up three sons on her own. She started writing books to help support them through University.


Karin will be at the Festival of Quilts 2014 in the QIA action.


Featured in this video:

Attic Windows:

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