TASTER: More Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

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TASTER: More Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

Here we get the two girls embellishing their projects – with very different approaches but equally stunning results



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Angela and Paula continue to share with us their varied approach to producing this classic favourite.  Both enjoy using different threads and stitches, and Angela explains (and shows) how the different thicknesses of thread make a difference and while some of these can be used on the sewing machine, others might need to be couched onto the surface on the project, which avoids having the thread going through the work.

Traditionally, all the seams of a crazy patchwork piece would have been embellished either with stitch or other embellishments, such as lace or applique, but if there are no raw edges to cover/secure, then you can just make choices based on artistic merit (or what pleases you!)

Angela shows us how to stitch the Fly Stitch with varigated thread and also the laced running stitch, where she has a very clever tip about the use of the needle, and finally we get to see how to create a French Knot- which is always useful.

Paula suggests using and playing with the pre-set stitches that many of the machines now come with – and even the humble zig-zag stitch shouldn’t be avoided – and you will notice that she does use her walking foot for this work.

If you would like to learn more about the walking foot – and how useful it is – you can click here.

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