TASTER: Making the Magna Carta Quilt Blocks with Alison Garner

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TASTER: Making the Magna Carta Quilt Blocks with Alison Garner

Alison talks us through the making of the Medieval Pictorial quilts that are being made to celebrate the signing of Magna Carta.

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Alison is part of a group of ladies who have been involved in making quilts, which will be 40ft long x 7ft high in total, and  double sided  to celebrate the 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta.

You can learn about the encaustic tiles each of which represents a letter of the alphabet and which will surround the quilt, and which will have a message from the 39th Clause of Magna Carta which deals with human rights.

Alison also gives us a step-by-step guide through the fused applique procress and discusses the thread she uses, as well as how they embellish the panels to give them more bling.

The quilts are being made for the Royal Holloway University art exhibition in the Windsor building of the Royal Holloway University,Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX which will open on 14th June for the Magna Carta 800th anniversary festivities.

And there are plans in hand for the quilt to move around the country.

Their Facebook page is  under Magna Carta Quilt Association and their  Twitter thingy is @MagnaCartaQuilt

If you are interested in learning about sponsorship, there is a printable form to fill in and information on their  website;   individuals and companies can go about sponsoring the quilts and thereby getting their names embroidered on one of the blocks:  so for more information on this and their ongoing progress visit


For more information about the actual tiles, these were made by Westfield Laser Designwww.lasercutapplique.com ;  this is a small family firm in Texas but they provide a fast service and the tiles come ready fused!


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