TASTER: Liberty Needlecase with Sallieann Harrison

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TASTER: Liberty Needlecase with Sallieann Harrison

This delightful little project designed by Sallieann Harrison uses a simple folded technique to produce texture, and you can use vinyl too for extra effect.

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Sallieann has developed this technique for use with the sewing machine. You could do some of it by hand if you wanted.  Create the  folded texture by having strips of fabric cut on the bias so that they stretch nicely for you.

You can create added interest by using vinyl instead of fabric. This will give a see-through look, rather like a window, but you don’t lose any of the contents if you are making a small bag.

Sallieann started by using up lots of scraps to create her piece of fabric, making it a great scrap buster too.

If you don’t have a stiletto to help you, you could try using your unpicker.  It will keep your fingers safe.

Here is a link to the supplier of the vinyl that Sallieann used – click her

The Liberty Needlecase pattern is available from Sallieann’s website as an instant download. Click here to buy the Liberty Needlecase

You can also find all of Sallieann’s patterns if you click here

If you are struggling with finding the right stitch for your machine you could find a little help from Dawn Cameron-Dick with her Invisible Machine Applique workshop Click here to watch.

The bias technique was originally designed by Jennie Rayment. To learn more about this and lots more twiddling and fiddling, click here for Jennie’s Tucks & Textures book

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