TASTER: Fashion Sans Frontieres at Festival of Quilts

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TASTER: Fashion Sans Frontieres at Festival of Quilts

Enjoy a fashion show with a difference: the UK versus Russia in textiles.

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This alternative fashion show took place on the evening of the International Dinner at the Festival of Quilts in August 2010. Seven Russian quilters and textile artists challenged five UK textile artists plus two students from the world of fashion to produce a variety of items. The categories were: day wear, evening wear, wearable art and a fashion accessory.

What a treat we all had!

UK Contributors

  • Angela Madden is a reformed Physiotherapist and is also best known for her Celtic work. Look out for her great use of bin bags.
  • Annette Caxton caught by the quilting bug after training in Fashion. Also, she has a new look created with pattern pieces.
  • Ferret started out as a rocket scientist, although is now an award-winning quilt artist. Look out for her stunning phantom rising daywear.
  • Helen Deighan has a love of colour and coil pots, so you can’t miss her rainbow contribution.
  • Jennie Rayment twiddles and fiddles and does occasionally do colour. Also, keep an eye out for some striking white boots.
  • Lucy Holbrook and Bex Farr are the budding designers from IDC College in Bromsgrove.

Russian Contributors

  • Galina Krasnikova’s collection is called ‘At the Sunny Side’ and is made from knitting yarns and couched onto fabric.
  • Tatiana Lazareva is an author of books, radio and tv programmes on traditional patchwork and the newest textile technologies. Also, her girly clothes are always in the national colours of red/white/blue.
  • Kseniya Dmitrieva uses textile mosaic to combine tradition with a vibrant colour scheme.
  • Elena Voronova creates modern garments using traditional Russian cut styling and sewing techniques.
  • Marina Tulupova  prefers traditional geometric forms and uses brightly coloured cotton and linen.
  • Anna Chufarovskaya is a construction engineer. She loves machine quilting and embroidery.
  • Tatiana Kiselyova is the Head of the children’s studio of alternative fashion called ‘Naughty quilt’.

My thanks to Wendy Gardiner for much of this background information.


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