TASTER: Binding your Quilt update with Valerie Nesbitt

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TASTER: Binding your Quilt update with Valerie Nesbitt

Valerie loves to add binding to her quilts with the help of the sewing machine.  That includes the final stitching too!


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Adding the binding to your quilt is such a satisfying feeling because it means that your quilt is nearly finished!  But did you know that the rules have changed?  Well, they were there to be broken weren’t they?!

Here Valerie explains why things have evolved, particularly with the inclusion of the sewing machine and the walking foot – which depending upon your machine may or may not sew  1/4″.  But it really doesn’t matter – and again Valerie explains why.

If you would like to learn more about double binding – just click here.

Valerie also encourages you to check out how to finish your quilt completely with a fancy stitch and maybe varigated thread – which she has talked about before – but here we have all her thoughts together.

Now you’ve got the quilt finished you can start a new one!

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