Sunset Strip Row of Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

///Sunset Strip Row of Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

Sunset Strip Row of Jennie’s Stripy Stripey Story Quilt

This third row of the quilt takes you through some simple seminole patchwork using standard rotary cutting equipment.

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Seminole patchwork is simple strip sewing and then cutting at a funny angle to give you some interesting shapes;  most rulers have the 60 degree on them, so using your existing equpment shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course if you already have the 60degree Diamond that is also an option.

You do need to be consistant with your sewing and take care when pressing as the edges can be a little stretchy.

As Jennie mentions we have done this style of workshop before:  both in her Blazing Star block of the month series  where Val gets to show off her jacket, and on the Ipad cover.

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