It is with sadness that we share that Kate Percival, a delightful quilting friend and frequent contributor to, passed away.

Kate’s hand stitching techniques have been an inspiration for many quilters. She always aimed to create patterns that are fun, easy for even a complete novice but engrossing enough for the more experienced. Her projects can be hand or machine quilted and lend themselves to being given an individual creative touch. Her workshops and quilts live on as a legacy to her craftsmanship, and expertise.

You can learn more about by watching the “Meet Kate Percival” video where she talks about her love of hand stitching and how she combines this with varigated thread to create wonderful results in her quilts. She also shares her patchwork journey on several of the projects – problems she encountered, how she overcame them and the learning curve that she goes through on each new design.

Rest in Peace, Kate.

Signature Technique:

Hand quilting with large stitching, including chain stitch, blanket stitch, feather stitch, running stitch, Y stitch and many more.

Kate’s Top Tips:

– Use bondaweb to seal the edges of loose woven wool tweeds and prevent slippage
– You get better loft with 2 thin layers than one thick layer.