Star Snowball with Valerie Nesbitt

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Star Snowball with Valerie Nesbitt

This is a simple 2-block, 2 fabric quilt where you create stars without a triangle in sight!


Skill Level


Make snowballs without having to get cold! This is such a delightful block and when worked with a simple plain square, you get to create stars.

No triangles were involved in the making of this quilt, but you do get some leftover.

Try creating this quilt with larger print fabrics, and therefore larger squares, which will mean an even quicker quilt.

Stitch ‘n’flip is such an easy technique and you can enjoy more workshops by using the quick search.

Valerie was inspired to make this quilt when she saw one made by her good friend Lesley.

Learn more about mini mosaics.

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