Roses from the Heart with Christina Henri

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Roses from the Heart with Christina Henri

A unique memorial to 25,566 convict women transported to Australia from Britain and Ireland from 1788-1853

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Roses from the Heart is a unique memorial to the 25,566 convict women transported to Australia from Britain and Ireland from 1788 to 1853.

The concept of Christina Henri, (an artist completing her PhD in Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Tasmania) has involved the making of a bonnet, similar to that worn at the time to commemorate the life and contribution of each of the transported women made towards the founding of the new nation i.e. the Grandmothers of today’s Australia. Approx 20,000 bonnets have already been made and contributed from all parts of the world, many from descendants of the original transportees.

Christina’s art is featured in the World Heritage Convict serial nomination (11 sites) presented to UNESCO members in Paris. Christina is the only artist featured and her work has been commended for attracting attention of the lesser known story of convict women. You can find out more and follow Christina by visiting her blog

If you would like to make a bonnet, (to get Christina to that magical 25,566) a simple pattern is available to download; a small charge is being made to cover admin costs and as fundraising to help Christina continue with this memorial. As you will see in the film most of the bonnets made are embellished and adorned with lace, ribbons, buttons and beads and other trinkets that might be considered relevant.

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