Meet Paula Doyle – Quilter and Patchwork Author

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Meet Paula Doyle – Quilter and Patchwork Author

An award winning quilter who lives close to the river Thames and shares some of her passion with us.


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I am a quilter. I make quilts, design and write patterns for quilts, teach classes on various aspects of quilting, give talks about quilting, and when I’m not doing any of those things I’m probably dreaming about quilts! My classes and talks are done on a “for hire” basis, usually to groups or under contract to a quilt shop.

I guess I would describe my style as that I like to take something which looks intricate and find the easy way of doing it.

You can watch her video on Mini Mosaics on the site. And if you like the idea of sparkly bits on your projects, you can watch Lynette Harris with her hot tip.

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