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Magic 4-Patch with Anne Baxter

Anne shows us how to make the quilt using recycled shirt fabric


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This is another of those exciting bits of patchwork, where you sew things together, cut them apart and then sew them together again, not really knowing just how great they will look!

You can use 5″ square or 10″ squares and you can make just one cushion or a whole quilt (if you want to cut up Fat 1/4’s you may like to change the size of the square to say 9″ so that you make better use of your fabric).

Anne shows us how to make the quilt using recycled shirt fabric, which looks really great and shares some great tips about flag sewing, as well as the use of a thread saver (if you don’t know about this you can click here for more info from Val Nesbitt).

Anne also likes to add an interesting little flash of colour before the outside border by using a flat fillet and she also talks through some sashing options.

So a great workshop – and be warned – making this block/quilt can be addictive as it is quick, easy and wonderfully unpredictable!

Here is one that Valerie made – more in the Show & Tell section.

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