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Learn about Needles and Threads with Dawn Cameron-Dick

This is a very comprehensive lecture and worth listening to again and again!


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Needles & Thread – a Marriage in Heaven or Hell?

Dawn has learned so much about needles, threads, and fabric over the years and in this demonstration she shares this vast knowledge with us. The relationship between thread and needles on your machine is significant. Did you know that Schmetz alone makes 33 different sorts of needles, not to mention that there can be various sizes in each category? They are made for a reason. True to say that not all needles apply to quilters. But we are trying to use so many of the lovely different threads that are now on the market, and with some knowledge from Dawn. You can avoid some frustrating sewing days.


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If you would like to learn more about needles and threads, we recommend visit this website – https://www.barnyarns.co.uk.

More about Dawn – Cameron Dick

Pocket Tutor Book

Pocket Tutor is an essential guide to threads, needles, wadding, formulas, and fabric that fits in your pocket. You can find more information on our website – click here.

For teaching assignments and lectures, you can contact Dawn directly  visit her website www.dawncamerondick.com.

A very traditional quilter, Dawn uses modern products to produce her “signature” technique, Invisible Machine Appliqué, which is done on a machine, but looks as though it was done by hand-done

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