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How to Use Inktense Pencils with Angela Daymond

These pencils benefit from having water added which then gives you really ‘intense’ colour.


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Angela uses these inktense pencils to create wonderful landscapes for her kantha stitching. In addition, she suggests to colour in your pre-quilted designs – even a feather wreath.

Anyway, back to the pencils – with the addition of water or aloe vera gel, the inks in these become really vibrant. Also, you can use them to create watercolour style fabric backgrounds as well a colour in your designs.

The pencils work on fabric as well as paper. And it would great to use on a project with the younger generation.

Angela was one of the contributors in Linda Seward’s book “The ultimate guide to Art Quilting”. And we have a short workshop from Linda too, where she creates the background for her confetti tree, which you watch here.

Moreover, this is a version of Paula Doyle’s Itsy Bits and Wonky Strips.

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