Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

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Going Crazy with Angela Daymond and Paula Doyle

Part 1 of a very comprehensive workshop from these ladies – work by hand or use the sewing machine?



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Crazy patchwork continues to appeal. Angela and Paula show that you can take different approaches to achieve a similar end result.

By sewing the pieces onto the foundation fabric by hand, with a simple running stitch, it remains very portable;  Angela suggests using up old tray cloths or lace with her method. Employ the frayed edges to good effect.

Paula still uses a foundation method – this time with Volume Fleece. This is a polyester wadding with scrim which prevents the fibres of the wadding from bearding through the sewing holes. Use the walking foot to sew the pieces into place and get a ‘quilt-as-you-go’ look to the work.

Both methods create the project in a very organic way. They allow the pattern to evolve and Paula shares with us the idea of sewing some of her itsy-bits together to create a scrap-strip of their own. (and for more information on the Itsy Bits quilt from Paula, which is also hanging behind them both – click here)

Apparently, crazy quilts were expected to have 100 embroidery stitches on them  – good job that’s no longer the case!

If you would like to learn more about the walking foot – click here

If you think all these takes too long (or you don’t have enough scraps) you can check out Valerie’s Crazy Quilt that she makes from fat quarters, and no waste (and these can also be sewn by hand if you are that way inclined).

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