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Fabric Balls from Jennie Rayment

Jennie Rayment shows us a simple and ingenious way of using up scraps of fabric to produce toys or decorations which could be used for any festivity, including Christmas.


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Use your scraps

Jennie’s balls can be made into a quick and easy toy or decoration. Both are a great way to use up your scraps to produce this simple, safe fabric ball.

If you have a wavy cutter blade or pinking shears, you could also use them to give the edge of the fabric a little more interest.

Might other possibilities be to make the balls and leave them as a garland?

This is a comment from one of our viewers:

I’ve spent a wet and windy couple of hours snug in my sewing room (I love that expression “my sewing room”!), making one of Jennie’s scrap balls for my granddaughter. She’s a 19-month-old spark that lights up our lives. Thanks, Jennie, keep the ideas coming, please!!

Happy Christmas to all.

Nicola, Poole

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