Binding your quilt with Mitred Corners

///Binding your quilt with Mitred Corners

Binding your quilt with Mitred Corners

Valerie Nesbitt shows you how to add the  binding strip to your quilt, and how to do the mitred corner, which will give your quilt such a professional finish. This is part of our Throwback Thursday progrogramme where we revised techniques from the archives.

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Mitred corners for your quilt

Basic patchwork skill

A small strip of fabric gives the finishing touch to your quilt and this video guides you through those steps. It includes discussion about use of the walking foot; simple quilting on the quilt, how to mark your quilt and the use of stitches, again with the walking foot; the seam allowance necessary and, most importantly, how to create the mitred corner to give a perfect finish.

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