It was in New Bern, North Carolina that Sallieann found her very first Patchwork and Quilting Store.  She walked in and was totally bowled over and knew this is what she needed in her life!  She started with classes, mentoring from the incredible Shelly May of the “Raspberry Rabbits,” then some teaching, and by the time she left the USA, Sallieann was a prize-winning exhibitor! When Sallieann and family moved back to the UK, she taught private Patchwork and Quilting classes, as well as little gigs here and there for John Lewis and the American Museum in Bath. By 2016, she was designing for magazines, exhibiting more widely and started to work with Denman WI College teaching residential courses. Sallieann enjoys traditional quilting techniques and has won several quilt show awards both in the UK and USA. Be sure to check out her wool applique projects using a blend of hand and machine sewing.

Click here to see an interview with Valerie Nesbitt and Sallieann where she shows Valerie some of the work she likes to do and how she does it.

Signature Technique:

Felted wool appliqué on a sewing machine using speciality threads

Top Tips:

– Run dental floss through your machine to get wool fluff out.
– To get a “touchy feely” vintage effect dip and tea dye the piece then tumble dry.
– Unpick seams with a Wahl trimmer. Works like a charm!