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Wool Applique with Sallieann Harrison

Sallieann Harrison shares with us her love of wool applique which can be done by hand or by machine.

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The thumbnail picture for the video shows a lovely piece of work by Sallieann. She worked this by hand and it closely resembles penny rug work.

Sallieann likes to use cotton perle thread (which is not stranded). She talks us through how to work various embroidery stitches that she feels add texture to her snowdrop picture. We start with a traditional blanket stitch. She also shows us straight stitch along the stems of the flowers. This is worked as a stab stitch because of the thickness of the felt. You could then weave another thread through. There are also cross-over stitches/zig-zag which create texture and couch the felt stem into place. Finally, Sallieann shows how to create the colonial knot. She prefers this to a french knot.

She also shows how to create the quilters knot, which she uses all the time and make sure you see the trick she has for threading her needle.

The felt pieces are held in place with a soft-fuse medium, which she finds works better for her when doing handwork.

If you would like to do this work by sewing machine, even with the cotton perle thread, then you can enjoy the ‘how to’ with Sallieann by clicking here.

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