Kate is an artist and teacher – – with an interest in techie stuff too. She did a textiles degree and worked in industry before teaching art and design technology in schools in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Kate left teaching in 2018 to go self-employed as an artist, and now spends her time creating new work, teaching workshops, giving talks, and fulfilling commissions. She also shows at a variety of events throughout the year. Making art is Kate’s passion.  She works predominantly in textiles producing a wide range of work from wildlife and landscapes through to unusual night sky inspired pieces embedded with fibre optic lighting. She calls them e-textiles.

Click here for watch an interview with Kate where she shows us a few of her Hadron Collider pieces and shares the inspiration behind them.

Signature Technique:

e-Textiles, Fabric Pictures

Top Tips:

– Use Bondaweb on the back of fabric to hold your textile work together. This is particularly useful when building up a landscape.
– Collecting fabric swatches, photos, drawings and notes in a Sketch Book is a useful way of keeping ideas together for when you are ready to start working on the project.
– Experiment with innovative materials (e.g. fibre optics).
– Collaborating with experts in other fields – – from data scientist to ornithologists – – makes for exciting innovations.