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Create Fusible Bird Pictures with Kate Findlay

In this workshop Kate takes us through how to make the Blackbird with fusible applique.


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The small range of bird pictures designed by Kate are easy to create with fusible applique. It is really simple because you need only trace and cut out!

Kate takes you through how to create the Blackbird picture from using the bondaweb, through the tracing, cutting out and then the application onto the background fabric. First the pieces get stuck with the iron, but then simple free motion quilting holds them in place as well as giving the leaves definition. The stitching could be done by hand and more embellishments could be added. For exapmle, Kate has suggested  a bead for the eye.

Tip from Valerie: you could create the whole small pictures on an applique mat first and then transfer everything in one go, click here to see what she means.

If you are interested in having your own ironing Caddy pad, the pattern is available in our website and comes complete with the heat-resistant fabric. You can also enjoy a workshop with Valerie too by clicking here.

If you like the quilt that’s in the background, this is Postcards and can be enjoyed by clicking here.

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